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The Church of England archbishop, Justin Welby has just made one of the most sacrilegious statements that has ever been uttered. He stated that we

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The Prime Minister promised no checks on goods and unfettered access, to the rest of the United Kingdom and for the mainland to here. Well

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Still Waiting

As the months and indeed years have passed since we voted to LEAVE the EU, we are still waiting to find out if we are

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Made in China

It is our view that the current pandemic was let loose in order to cripple the Western economies in order for the Kings of the

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While we all wait for the great unkown, will it happen on 31st October or not? There is one thing that is sure, whether it

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BREXIT Betrayal

If all the rhetoric coming from Theresa May regarding Brexit was stacked up against what actually appears to be happening in reality, then Brexit means

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Treacherous May

It is of course July, but we witnessed a treacherous May – \\\”Guilty of, or involving betrayal and deception\\\”. The meaning of the word expresses what

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"To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna"

-- Revelation 2 verse 7