Has it Really Happened?

While officially the UK has left the EU, there is the transition period in which the UK still bows down to Babylonish governance. The other point of real interest to us here in Ulster is that under the Brexit deal, Northern Ireland does not leave the EU, due the insistance of the DUP that there be no hard border, instead they have allowed the Withdrawal agreement to separate us by placing a border between two parts of the United Kingdom. So a border to divide the UK is acceptable, yet a border with another country is not!!!! Betrayal is a word often bandied about, but it quite appicable to the situation in Ulster. There never was a true hard border between Northern Ireland and the Repulbic. What is being referred to is the security that had to be erected to try to prevent the IRA murder squads scampering back into the Republic after carrying out their devilish deeds. For many in Ulster, Brexit in its current form, doen not mean Brexit, but the opportunity for Dublin to have, through the EU, more power over the affairs of Northern Ireland than our elected Government in Westminster.

"To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna"