What a Mass

The Orange Order will soon be commemorating the 500th Annivarsary of Martin Luther. Why then will Rev. Mervyn Gibson not condemn the “Mass” as a “blasphemous fable and a dangerous deceit”, just as the Protestant Reformers who died for their Faith did?

If he thinks the rule rightly prohibiting members from attending the blasphemous Mass is from a past era and he loves the “Mass” so much, why does he not do the honourable thing and leave the Protestant Orange Order and just join the Antichrist’s Roman Catholic Church which usurps the place of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?

Every Papish Priest claims to have the power of God as he chants over a flour and water wafer, supposedly changing it into the body of Christ. Such blasphemy. Turn away from those who suggest such things.

"To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna"