Welcome to Manna Ministries

Hi folks, just a note to say welcome to our “new” web site dealing with the Olde Paths.

In our Apostasy Watch video section we will be reflecting on events that have happened in the past few weeks and in this news section we will also be commenting on current events. Our remarks will appear to some as “bold”, however they will reflect what we believe the Word of God would have us to say as we stand for Truth in these last days.

It is extremely evident that we are heading very swiftly to a one world order position when “intolerance will no longer be tolerated” and yet the Word of God would have us proclaim the Truth as to the rights and wrongs, both in our society and with the anti-christian views of others.

We will take our stand for the Truth of God in this modern age of apostasy.

"To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna"

-- Revelation 2 verse 7