Trojan Horse of Islam

As we have in the past alluded to the migration crisis that has gripped Europe in the light of the great Arab and Islamic Diaspora, watch how racial sectarian tensions start to become more and more apparent as an increasing number of lawless migrants continue to reach our shores. The 1400 percent increase in sexual crime that has been reported in Sweden since this migration crisis commenced has caused many in Sweden to question the open door policy. Coupled with this on a local level the Bishop of Rome has indicated that he wishes to visit the State of Northern Ireland. While our beloved State is not yet one hundred years old, we have never been cursed by the presence of any Pope on our soil. The fact that such a visit is actually being discussed is proof of the apostacy in Ulster. The Reformers indentified the office of the Pope of Rome as the “man of sin” and we as Reformed Protestants, echo their Biblical interpretation.

Also in this news brief it is worthwile noting how Russia has out maneurvered NATO in Syria. We watch with interest as God applies the fish hooks to the jaws of nations as He gathers them into position for the great battle of God Almighty. Even so come Lord Jesus.

"To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna"