So many exciting events in the world at the moment. The Trump phenonemen, IS (see our ARTICLE – Sand in the Red Hand, the move to a unimaginable militancy of the Romoaners in their objection to Brexit: and here in Northern Ireland we watch those who lectured us on honesty and integrity continue to push the Tojan Horse of Peace, relealizing of course that their idea of peace is only achievable when we all submit to them. It is also with a sense of great despair that we see men in positions of influence within the echelons of Protestantism attempt to make it seem acceptable to attend a Mass where the officiating priest assumes the role of God in having the power to fogive sin in the darkness of the confession box and in having the power of God to create as he supposedly changes the genetic make up of bread and wine. Our society has also invented unpleasant and derogatory names to call those of us who wish to take a stand for Biblical Reformed Truth.

Even so come Lord Jesus.

"To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna"