Free Speech Limited, Islam and Kincora

The Pope – identified in Scripture and by the Reformers as Antichrist, has just stated that free speech has its limits with regard to anyone’s right to object to another “religion”. The Protestants on this Emerald Isle know only too well that in 1641 there was no limit to the savage attacks poured out upon them as Roman Catholic clergy led a sustained attack of killing and brutal torture. The details of this barbaric Roman Catholic attack are available at Trinity College Dublin – and also on their web site.

Isn’t it rather ironic in a strange sort of way that you can legally kill a child in a mothers womb, yet it is possible to be prosecuted for condemning Islam and their Prophet – the Bible actually refers to him as the FALSE PROPHET. And that’s not an attack on Islam that’s Revelation from the Scriptures.

Still no further to finding out the truth about Kincora; the heights to which this depraved action went to in the areas of power. Some very well known people must be being protected as governemt after government try to keep a lid on the truth.

"To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna"