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Paisley in Irish Catholic – or vice versa?

The Irish Catholic in September 2014 has this news “A meeting between the late Ian Paisley and Catholic Church Leaders played a crucial role in getting the firebrand preacher to agree to power sharing with Catholics..” The meeting was “at Mr. Paisley’s request” to seek “guidance”. The article goes on “For all his railing against […]

Great news from Scotland, but danger ahead.

We welcome the No vote in Scotland to remain part of this great United Kingdom. However the strange and some would say even the sinister intervention several days before the vote by the Westminster party leaders regarding devolution powers will we fear bring major change to the shape of the United Kingdom in the very […]

Scotland, Yes or No?

The situation in Scotland over this Yes or No vote is so serious that it will impact not just on Scotland, but on all of the United Kingdom. It was James the 6th of Scotland, who was raised by Presbyterians, ascended to the English Throne as James 1st. In 1606 he united Scotland and England […]

Papal Horror in Galway

The discovery of this event has left us all with that sickening feeling as a result of hundreds of babies and children being treated as less than human by the Papal nuns in whose care they were. These horrible events of “childcare” should leave us in no doubt that if they did this to their […]

Welcome to Manna Ministries

Hi folks, just a note to say welcome to our “new” web site dealing with the Olde Paths. In our Apostasy Watch video section we will be reflecting on events that have happened in the past few weeks and in this news section we will also be commenting on current events. Our remarks will appear […]

All the Talk about Islam

Paramount on our news screens in recent weeks has been the statement made about Islam by a Belfast preacher and the defence of this statment by a top ranking politician, who opened his mouth and did more harm to the Reformed Faith than actually defending it.  In a pathetic u-turn, the 1st Minister is now working […]