Anyone who has viewed the January Apostacy Watch will note how we told of the Islamic inilftration of the migrants by their war machine. A satellite news program has just this week reported the same, inferring that up to 600 had arrived with the intention of taking part in suicide bombings in our Western nations. […]

Trojan Horse of Islam

As we have in the past alluded to the migration crisis that has gripped Europe in the light of the great Arab and Islamic Diaspora, watch how racial sectarian tensions start to become more and more apparent as an increasing number of lawless migrants continue to reach our shores. The 1400 percent increase in sexual […]

Civil and Religious Liberty under attack

As we have indicated so many times recently the pending prosecution of Dr. James McConnell over his exposure of the souce of Islam ought to make all Bible believing Christians alert to the gross infringement of the freedom to speak the Truth even from a pulpit. It is also worthwhile noting how the technocrats in […]

Fruitcakes and the Law

Today 19th May 2015 the ruling on the Ashers case sets a very dark and dangerous precident that no business person is permitted to have a conscious. This case highlights the point that the rights of gays over-rides the rights of others who disagree with their viewpoint which the Word of God calls an abomination. […]

Partition and secret talks

Have a wee look at our ARTICLES – and the latest title PARTITION. Little has changed in the fashion that the three missing counties of Ulster were treated compared to the way we are dealt with today -our future is bartered away in secret talks. Interesting reading. MP3 title – The Growth of Protestantism in […]

Election time again

With election time looming, many Protestants will be once again deluded by candiates who wrap themselves in Union Jacks but make secret deals with our enemies. Too many will choose not to vote simply because they do not see a believeable Unionist on the ballot paper as so many lies have been told and too many […]

Kincora cover-up continues

Once again we learn today that the truth behind the Kincora child sex abuse scandal is to be kept hidden to protect “God knows who”. What or who is so important that they have to be protected. Just what dirty deeds was our government up to?

John Wycliffe

Have a wee look at our Articles tab and download our tribute to one of this nation’s great Reformers, John Wycliffe. Also available in the MP3 section is a short Audio message under the title Heroes of the Faith: John Wycliffe.

Free Speech Limited, Islam and Kincora

The Pope – identified in Scripture and by the Reformers as Antichrist, has just stated that free speech has its limits with regard to anyone’s right to object to another “religion”. The Protestants on this Emerald Isle know only too well that in 1641 there was no limit to the savage attacks poured out upon […]

Stormont or Poundworld?

For a number of decades we suffered the IRA bombing and shooting campaign which cost the economy hundreds of millions of pounds.  Then republican movement went into its next phase of operation, still intent on costing the economy hundreds of millions of pounds, support by so called unionists keeping them in the heart of government,  knowing that […]