Brexit, What’s New

As we have slipped into 2018, nothing we have already said about Brexit is actually yet out of date. May is and has been a weak leader with no authority, either in this country or in the EU. We are in the position in that Remainers – including May, are in control of Brexit!!! And […]

Black Friday Sale

Northern Ireland has effectively been sold out in an attempt to proceed to trade talks which will take us to a position like Good King Weneslas. A SOFT BREXIT is not BREXIT. It means we pay heavily to get out, then are still governed by anti-British EU rules and regulations. A SOFT BREXIT BORDER is […]

New article

Have a look under the Articles tab for the latest title – Bitter Fruit of the Irish Rebellion. This and all our material can be download free of charge.

BREXIT, the National dilemma

All the ingredients are in place for total chaos within our Nation. A weak Prime Minister who faces  incessant calls for a soft Brexit that can only lead to a catastrophe surrounding what Brexit actually means. Ingredients already in place have shown us that we have a weak PM who cannot even win a majority […]


So many exciting events in the world at the moment. The Trump phenonemen, IS (see our ARTICLE – Sand in the Red Hand, the move to a unimaginable militancy of the Romoaners in their objection to Brexit: and here in Northern Ireland we watch those who lectured us on honesty and integrity continue to push […]

What a Mass

The Orange Order will soon be commemorating the 500th Annivarsary of Martin Luther. Why then will Rev. Mervyn Gibson not condemn the “Mass” as a “blasphemous fable and a dangerous deceit”, just as the Protestant Reformers who died for their Faith did? If he thinks the rule rightly prohibiting members from attending the blasphemous Mass […]

Brexit Road leading to where?

We are to our horror witnessing the fruit of a borderless Europe, the mass migration that has occurred in recent years has proven to be an Islamic trojan horse. When will our leaders waken out of their sleep to what is a clear and present danger to Christian civilisation. We are concerned over the dithering […]

Masters of our own affairs.

Praise the Lord, our Nation has heeded to call to  — come out of her My people. Now sit back and watch as the Revelation Beast system implodes.

Master in our own house.

What has been so noticeable in recent days is the manner in which the establishment has ganged up to suppress the liberty of the great British people with all the fear mongering that has been solicited by our Prime Minister before the campaign even got under way. As an ardent believer in a great and […]