A long Goodbye, but what to?

While news has been dominated lately by the Chinese virus pandemic, BREXIT is still a concern, especially for us here in Ulster. The Northern Ireland Protocol leaves us estranged from the UK, with the \’leader\’ of Unionism agreeing to implement the arrangements to facilitate the introduction of a border in the sea, dividing us from […]

Made in China

It is our view that the current pandemic was let loose in order to cripple the Western economies in order for the Kings of the East to emerge as the world\’s major superpower. While many are critics of the Government response, no country and its health care system is prepared for the scale of devastation […]

Has it Really Happened?

While officially the UK has left the EU, there is the transition period in which the UK still bows down to Babylonish governance. The other point of real interest to us here in Ulster is that under the Brexit deal, Northern Ireland does not leave the EU, due the insistance of the DUP that there […]


While we all wait for the great unkown, will it happen on 31st October or not? There is one thing that is sure, whether it is this process or another, the UK will be leaving the EU before it explodes and fragments. The great beast system of Revelation cannot bind together.  Isaiah 43 But thus […]

Still Waiting for Brexit.

While much has happened regarding Brexit, it is also like watching paint dry as each day passes and the UK\’s exit from Babylon is still blocked by a Parliament which does not represent the people who put them there. But out we will be. Revelation chapeter 18 verse 17 \”For in one hour so great […]

BREXIT Betrayal

If all the rhetoric coming from Theresa May regarding Brexit was stacked up against what actually appears to be happening in reality, then Brexit means betrayal of the referendum vote to leave the EU. The Brexit document sucks the UK into a dead end road with no way out. It does not deliver Brexit, instead […]

Treacherous May

It is of course July, but we witnessed a treacherous May – \\\”Guilty of, or involving betrayal and deception\\\”. The meaning of the word expresses what has happened to our Nation over BREXIT. We have long argued that a REMAINER as PM had no interest in delivering BREXIT. The situation we now find ourselves in is […]

Brexit, What’s New

As we have slipped into 2018, nothing we have already said about Brexit is actually yet out of date. May is and has been a weak leader with no authority, either in this country or in the EU. We are in the position in that Remainers – including May, are in control of Brexit!!! And […]

Black Friday Sale

Northern Ireland has effectively been sold out in an attempt to proceed to trade talks which will take us to a position like Good King Weneslas. A SOFT BREXIT is not BREXIT. It means we pay heavily to get out, then are still governed by anti-British EU rules and regulations. A SOFT BREXIT BORDER is […]