The Church of England archbishop, Justin Welby has just made one of the most sacrilegious statements that has ever been uttered. He stated that we should ….Go and get boosted, go and get vaccinated it’s how we love our neighbour. Loving our neighbour is what Jesus told us to do. It’s Christmas, do what he […]


The Prime Minister promised no checks on goods and unfettered access, to the rest of the United Kingdom and for the mainland to here. Well it has’t worked out that way. With the EU requiring open borders within its countries, it is demanding physical checks within the regions of the United Kingdom. Not only physical […]

Still Waiting

As the months and indeed years have passed since we voted to LEAVE the EU, we are still waiting to find out if we are going to be impaled on an EU stave or if we are indeed going to “take back control”. Northern Ireland is in the most dangerous position it has ever been […]