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William Prince of Orange

A thorough look at one of Ulster's Heroes and the impact of his victory, not only here but across the civilized world.

Another look at the Titanic

Reflections on events on this horrific night and the lessons to learn from them, both on a national and individual basis a parallel is drawn with today's generation at all levels of society with alarming consequences.

1859 Revival part 2

The speaker continues to explore and explain events during this great revival as God moved transforming this province of Ulster in what was referred to historically as the year of grace.

1859 Revival part 1

In an historic tone, the Pastor covers all the local areas where the revival had such marvelous affects that changed the "face" of this country and its people.

Behold the Lamb of God

A devotional look at who Jesus is.

Blessings tied to the back of a hearse!

Blessings that follow the death of a tyrant.

Cost Associated with Revelation

Standing for the Truth can cost you in a range of areas:- are you ready to stand for what you know to be right?

Credit Crunch

The Credit Crunch, those engineering it and its aftermath; all pointing to His near return to reign on this earth in righteousness.

Depression and its cure

In a world gripped by depression, is there any hope? Indeed there is..... here the speaker lays out how important Christian discipline is.

Devil's Talking Shop

A well known world group only used to further the cause of Satan.

Fear not for the Shepherd is Coming

In a world of fear for the future, this is a great devotional message offering hope and security for what's ahead.

Sins of Saul: the downfall of a Nation

A comparison between Saul and the treacherous actions of the leaders of this Nation both here in Ulster and on the mainland; updated to take account of a recent startling revelation.

Story of Ulster's Red Hand

A study into the Biblical roots of this story and a look at just who the rightful inhabitants of Ulster really are.

From Perplexity to Peace

A study in Habakkuk and a look at the importance of keeping to the Olde Paths.

Great Deception

A look at the last 50 years of history and how the masses have been deceived through modern media.

Hallowed be Thy Name

A devotional message humbly exploring some of the wonderful names of the Lord.

How Shall We Sing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land?

We may not be in a strange land, however we are strangers in our own land due to the compromising actions of our leaders.

What is a Jesuit?

Rome's secret army exposed and a glimpse at the character of the current Bishop of Rome.

Identifying the Tares

Here the speaker encourages the believer to be aware of the poison of unbelief and to be conscious of those who are spreading it.

Israel's Looking Glass

Reflections on the life of Elijah making comparisons to our current plight.

It is time to go up higher

Setting your priorities in order to live a fruitful and victorious Christian life.

It was noised abroad that He was in the house

Emphasising the preeminence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mysterious Generation

Explaining the signs and how they fit events in this closing generation.

Perilous Times part 1

An exposition of 11 Timothy chapter 3 dating this current cycle of Prophecy to the mid 19th Century.

Perilous Times part 2

11 Timothy chapter 3 and its relation to the Great Battle of God almighty.

Pharaoh that knew not Joseph

Leaders who have no knowledge of the ways of the God of Israel or the plan He has for His people in world history.

Reproach of the Moneychangers

Defining modern bankers and their despicible deeds carried out on unsuspecting customers worldwide.

Rise of the Warmongers

A chilling account of how war in the 21st Century is fought more for profit than honour. An exposure of those who lie behind it and what they have to gain.

Selling of the Holy People

How the great British people were betrayed by former Prime Ministers Edward Heath and Harold Wilson as they led them into the bondage of Babylonish Europe.

Story of the People's Bible

The historic environment from which the KJV emerged and how the world has never been the same since this great treasure was revealed.

Synagogue of Satan Revealed

Historical and theological insight  to modern Jewry.

1912 Ulsters Solemn League and Covenant

Background to events that led to a people creating a country based on their Protestant Faith.

Watchman's Warning for 2011

In this message the speaker lays out the trends of events to be expected during 2011 and upon reflection we see just how these predictions prove our Bible to be bang up-to-date.

Well, Well, Well

Jacob's digging of wells and the relevance of the names he used for them.

What in the world is a Revolution?

A look at the history, origin and impact of revolutions, not only of their historical changes, but how they can shape the future.

What is wrong with our Nation today?

The declension of Bible based Christianity and the ascendancy of a godless religion.

Wise man's assessment of our Nation's leaders

 Leaders who turned their coats and betrayed their people.

Knowing not that the Lord had departed

A sad look at many working away without realising that they are no longer in the will of God. 

RADIO week 1

An introduction to Manna Ministries.

What does the Birth of our Saviour mean to Britain today?

An aspect of our Saviour's Birth that has not been properly considered.

Looking at Islam part 1

A look at the origins and horrors of this religion and the prophet from the desert.

Looking at Islam part 2

Second part of a short study with quotes from the writings of Islam counteracting the politically correct brigades assertion that it is a peaceful religion.

Heroes of the Somme

A tribute to the many brave men of Ulster who gave the supreme sacrifice and a brief look at four who were awarded a VC. We will remember them.

Graham Lawther Testimony part 1

Graham sets out his life story and how Jesus Christ changed him.

1st of two parts.

Graham Lawther Testimony part 2

Graham sets out how Jesus Christ changed his life.

"2nd of two parts.

Britain and the Burka

The rise of Islam or the religion of the desert as spoken of in the Olivet Discourse. Also important information regarding the significance of 9-11 that is not reported in the mainline press as they pander to this age of political correctness.

Miracles part 1

RADIO PROGRAM 12-11-2014. Lessons we can learn from the miracle of the healing of blind Bart imaeus.

Miracles part 2

Radio Program 19-11-2014. Lessons we can learn from the raising of Lazarus.

Miracles part 3

Radio program 26-11-2014. Lessons we can learn form an issue of blood and the determination involved.

Believers in the 21st Century

Radio program 22/10/14. What does it take to be a Christian?

Why Ulster needs a Nehemiah part 1 Context

Ulster's problems started with a rot in the pulpit! How events in Nehemiah are being replicated in Ulster today, and how they can be sorted by returning to Biblical standards and God's Law.

Why Ulster needs a Nehemiah part 2 Character

Nehemiah shows us what is required for leadership. Ulster today needs its leaders to have what Nehemiah had, or maybe we need new leaders who will follow Biblical principles and God's Law, rather than the path of filthy lucre.

Why Ulster needs a Nehemiah part 3 Challenges

Challanges faced by Nehemiah was that the leadership in Jerusalem revelled and prospered in the desolation of the city. The leaders in Ulster today are no different.

Why Ulster needs a Nehemiah part 4 Conclusion

Nehemiah faced leaders with no fear of God or no notion of standing up for Godly principles. J.C. Ryle ---We who know the truth should never be afraid to say so. Lets do it in Ulster today.

British Birthmarks

Marks that identify the British people as true Israel, making sense of the many promises God made. Message delivered in Glasgow, December 2014

John Wycliffe : Heroes of the Faith

Making the Bible available.

Seven Church Ages Part 1: Ephesus

Introduction to this series and a delve into Scripture to show the start of the great apostacy which is with us today through the false teaching of futurism and the commencement of the Antichrist system of church government.

John Hooper : Heroes of the Faith

Bishop John Hooper, who contrasts with the leaders of our era, taking a stand for the all sufficient sacrifice of Jesus Christ and contended against the corruption within the Papacy, dying at the hands of the papist monarch, Bloody Mary

John Huss : Heroes of the Faith

John Huss who lived in a time of barbaric papal cruelty, but gives us an example to follow in our generation.

Thomas Cranmer : Heroes of the Faith

Another man who helped shape the freedom to worship that we enjoy today, although it is steadily being eroded.

Martin Luther : Heroes of the Faith

Martin Luther, a man who dared to challenge the Pope.

Seven Church Ages part 2 Smyrna

The Tribulation and the Synagogue of Satan

Seven Church Ages part 3 Pergamos

A veneer of Christianity applied to Babylonish paganism, with a Biblical identification of what is not Christian and the introduction of idolatry.

Hugh Latimer : Heroes of the Faith

Inspiration from the life and death of this man who stood for Biblical principles and against papist dogmas, cruelly burned at the stake by the papist monarch, Bloody Mary.

Nicholas Ridley : Heroes of the Faith

Another great man who was cruelly burned to death at the hands of the papist monarch, Bloody Mary.

John Bradford : Heroes of the Faith

A man who was inspired by Hugh Latimer and a man who hated political correctness, but who spoke the Truth, not fearing any man.

Growth of Protestantism in Ireland

Three cameo studies of various aspects of the growth and persecution of Protestantism in Ireland, Presbyterians arriving, 1641 Massacre and Cromwell. Protestants need to know what their liberty cost and what is at stake in this age of compromise.

Wycliffe and Luther

Two RADIO programs combined to present these characters whose determination paved the way of liberty and freedom from popery.

William Tyndale : Heroes of the Faith

An example of great courage and detirmination to spread the Word of God.

Seven Church Ages part 4 Thyatira

Protestant Reformation teaching on the great whore.

James Guthrie : Heroes of the Faith

As a Scottish Covenanter, what detirmination this man had to stand up for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Seven Church Ages part 5 Sardis

The Glorious Protestant Reformation and Papal persecution.

Richard Cameron : Heroes of the Faith

Another Scottish Covenanter who helped shape the freedom to worship that we have today.

Hugh McKail : Heroes of the Faith

Scottish Covenanters who stood up for the Gospel.

Two Margarets : Heroes of the Faith

The wonderful yet tragic story of two women whose Faith in Jesus Christ, caused their death.

Seven Church Ages part 6 Philadalphia

The Church age era that brought evangelism.

Seven Church Ages part 7 Laodicea

The age we live in today leading up to the Glorious appearing of our Lord amd Saviour Jesus Christ.

Oliver Cromwell : Heroes of the Faith

A man with a mission - to make sure the Papist inspired massacre of Protestants in 1641 never happened again.

John Owen : Heroes of the Faith

Described as the greatest Thinking English Puritan that ever lived, a man of Faith and if only the leaders of today were so inspired, how different society would be.

John Bunyan : Heroes of the Faith

The man whose classic work - Pilgrim's Progress, became the standard reading for every Christian.

Prophecy Update August 2015

RADIO PROGRAM 5/08/2015 What to look out for on the world stage. The end is nigh!!!

Somme Centenary Service Castledawson May 2016

Tribute from Manna Ministries to the Ulstermen of 1916, who gave their all for our liberty today.

John Knox ; Heroes of the Faith

John Knox, the fearless Reformer.

Irish Famine 1845

Outline of the circumstances surrounding the Irish Famine and the inevitable hijacking of the actual truth by Irish Republicans.

Wesley Brothers, Charles and John : Heroes of the Faith

What an impact these two brothers had on the face of Christian life.

George Whitfield : Heroes of the Faith

What an impact on society the  life of George Witfield had and an inspiration to us all today.

American Awakening

A revival that swept America following the preaching of some of the Heroes of the Faith. If only we could experience this today in this Godless age!

John Newton and William Cooper : Heroes of the Faith

A look at the lives of these two great men who helped shape the Christian path.

David -Heroes of the Faith Series

Learning from David how to face the challenges and enemies we encounter and indeed the greatest enemy of Fundamental Reformed Protestantism is and always has been, the papacy.

Carey : William Carey

Inspiration from the life of this great Reformer.

Mayflower Pilgrims

THese brave folks who helped shape America with Christian principles which are now trampled over in the name of P.C.

Joshua - Heroes of the Faith Series

Lessons we can learn for our generation from the life of Joshua.

Birth of Jesus

The reason for the season. Prepared as a short radio message.

2016 - What to look out for.

Be prepared.

Armageddon, is it just around the corner?

As society is driven towards a position of enforced PC and a tolerance for every evil and sin under the sun - except of course a tolerance for Biblical perspectives - are we ready for the year ahead?

Spurgeon : C.H. Spurgeon

A look at the life of this young man who was used by God in such a manner so as to touch the lives of people for decades, even after he went to his rest.

Be Battle Ready: God's Armour

Graham explains the importance of being fully armed the the battle of Truth.

Final Countdown part 02 of 10

2nd part of this study on the Olivet Discourse.

Nicholson : W.P. Nicholson

A look at the life of this great Ulsterman who became known as the Tornado in the pulpit.

Final Countdown part 01 of 10

This first part of the series takes a look at the Olivet Discourse.

Final Countdown part 05 of 10

Part five of this series explaining the Olivet discourse. Time is running out.

Repent and believe the Gospel.

Final Countdown part 03 of 10

3rd part of this series looking at the Olivet discourse and the closing moments of time.

Final Countdown part 04 of 10

A look at the Olivet discourse in these closing days of time as we know it.

Final Countdown part 06 of 10

We continue to study the Olivet Discourse as we watch events in our time swiftly point to the near return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Final Countdown part 07 of 10

Continuing in this series looking at the Olivet Discourse and events leading up to the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ. This week - As in the Days of Noah.

Final Countdown part 08 of 10

A study of the Olivet Discourse this week looking at the Prophet of the Desert.

Final Countdown part 09 of 10

A study into the Olivet Discourse, looking into the events leading up to the near return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Final Countdown part 10 of 10

Looking at the Olivet Discourse and this week the study identifies the Antichrist.

Martin Luther : 500 Years of the Protestant Reformation

Looking at the life and thesis that led to the Glorious Protestant Reformation.

A Word in Season for the Downcast, reflections on Psalm 34

A few devotional thoughts from Psalm 34

Potter's House

A study from Jeremiah with important personal and national lessons.

Time of the Heathen

Islam, Globalism, where we are in the end-time.