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1641 Massacre of Protestants by Irish Papists

Lest we forget.

1859 Revival: the Year of Grace

A move of God that changed the face of Ulster.

Heroes of the Somme

A brief look at 4 men who were awarded a VC at the Somme. The spirit of the Ulsterman is represented by the bravery and self sacrifice displayed in the fields of Flanders. Lest we forget.

The Ulster Covenant: 1912

A glimpse at the spirit and determination of the true Ulsterman. Ulster will not have Home Rule. Not then, not now, not ever!

Raising of the U.V.F. and the Larne Gun-Running

A passionate overview of how the U.V.F. emerged, the Larne Gun-Running and the temperature in Ulster which caused the Ulster people to unite against the threat of the British Government imposing Dublin (Rome) Rule.

Observations Onboard the Titanic

Attitudes onboard the Titanic examined and paralleled with those of this generation.

John Wycliffe: the Morning Star of the Reformation

Inspiration from the determination of this great Reformer

Partition - and the Anglo-Irish War

A look at the events surrounding Partition and the secret nature of negotiations which is reminiscent of recent Agreements in Ulster.

The Irish Famine

An episode in Irish history that was poorly handled by Westminster which led to the formation of a bitterness that culminated in the sectarian genocide of Protestants by the I.R.A. in Ulster.

William III, the Glorious Revolution

Apart from the obvious, Graham takes a wee look at the importance of BONFIRES to the Ulsterman.

Dean Finlay

Murdered by a band of SF'ers who pretended friendship. Unionist leaders of today still have not learned!

W.P. Nicholson, Showers of Blessing in Ulster

W.P. became known as the -Tornado in the Pulpit. a look at the life and witness of this plain preacher who was used of God to bring His blessing to Ulster.

Who are these Popes of Rome Anyway?

The view of an Ulster Protestant. The title speaks for itself

Sand in the Red Hand

Islam in Ulster and the danger it presents.

Martin Luther and 500 Years of the Glorious Protestant Reformation

The life of the great Reformer and the impact it had on the papal antichrist system, giving us the freedom of access to the Scriptures.

Bitter Fruit of the Irish Rebellion

Irish Republicans support by the Papacy.